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Antique Furniture Repairs & Restoration


In our Antique Furniture Repairs department. All repairs and cabinet restoration are carried out to the finest exacting standards.
All repairs to cabinets are carried out to proper traditional methods, animal glues are used in most repairs for instance. We carry a large stock of 17th, 18th and 19th century antique woods of all different sorts to sort out the best piece for your repair. Woods of the correct age, figuring and colour will only be chosen for repairs to cabinets. All our woods are correctly stored in controlled environments of humidity and temperature.

Antique Furniture Restoration


Repairing your precious antique is not something that can be rushed, and the value of any antique can be diminished if not repaired properly. Sympathetic restoration is vital, we at Coppelia will advise on repairs that require carrying out. We will also advise if we believe the repairs will be adding value to the piece in the long term. After choosing us I believe it is one decision that you will never regret and soon your cherished antique will be returned to its former glory.

Estimates on woodwork can never be that exacting as until you start work you never completely know what you are up against. At present our trade daily rate including most materials will be £360 , the standard rate is £400 per day.


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