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Antique Clock Repairs


Antique clock repairs are carried out to exacting standards and we can repair all kind of antique clocks, even relatively modern examples. That is assuming it ticks of course !
It is important all antique clocks are serviced properly every generation and are cleaned every 10-15 years. This is important so that additional wear to the movement does not occur, dirty movements when combined with oil at as a grinding paste to cause excessive wear to pinions. All repairs carried out in our workshop in Cheshire will be guaranteed for a minimum time of 1 year.

Antique clock movements are completely dismantled when they come in for a major overhaul by our talented horologists. All necessary repairs are carried out and any necessary bushes are carried out to worn pivot holes. Pivots and pallets are checked and pallets are refaced where necessary. All this work is carried out and then the movement will finally be cleaned, fitted with new clock lines if necessary and finally oiled and put on test for a period of at least one week.

Antique Clock Restoration

If required the movement or clock can be setup and adjusted in your own home. We will only guarantee work that we have carried out and so minor repairs can not usually be undertaken. for a proper guarantee the clock will have had to had a full service from us at our workshop. Clearly all repairs have to be undertaken in our workshop and not usually on site.

Below is a Rough Guide to the Costs of a Proper Overhaul on certain antique clocks. Just basic cleaning will roughly be half these costs for any English examples. Please bear in mind most additional small costs are included with all our repairs. Have your antique clock repairs carried out to what we believe are the finest standards in the UK, why settle for less ?

Price from £
Antique French carriage clock – timepiece                  150-170
Antique French carriage clock – striker                        230-250
Antique French carriage clock – repeater                     280-320
English Fusee wall or bracket clock – timepiece         250
English Fusee wall or bracket clock – striker              450
30 hour Bristish antique grandfather clock                450
8 day British antique grandfather clock                       650




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