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About Coppelia Antiques:  Antique Clock Sales and Furniture Repair Business

c1Coppelia Antique Clocks Ltd started life back as partnership Coppelia Antiques, in the early 1970’s. It was formed by Valerie and Roy Clements passion for selling and restoring fine antique clocks in Cheshire and their desire to bring these master timekeepers back to their former glory. Antique clock and furniture repairs are carried out on a daily basis in our specialist workshop facility. Now over 40 years on their passions have been carried on by the second generation in the family antique clock business, as their two sons Duncan and Daniel continue to drive the business forward. We pride ourselves in the standard of our antique clock and furniture restoration, items do not leave our workshop until we are 100% happy with the outcome. Our antique clocks have appeared in the Sunday Times and other important newspapers and magazines, we have also appeared on National TV and as experts vetting antique clocks for authenticity at major antiques fairs around the world. Roy Clements was the main antiques clocks consultant up to 1984 for the world recognised, Millers Antiques Price Guide. Our passion for antique clocks can be seen throughout the site of Pendulum of Mayfair Ltd, all antique clocks on that site are restored by us here in our Cheshire workshops. We have built up a fantastic stock on the finest genuine antique clocks over the years. We have antique grandfather clocks ranging in date from around 1680 to around 1810, we deal in oak, mahogany and walnut examples in the main, and most examples have dials that are 12 inch across or smaller. We do not carry any of the later Victorian wider examples of grandfather clocks in stock. The examples dating from 1680 to 1770 have cast brass dials. We also stock white painted dials, when production of these commenced in Birmingham around 1770. The finest white dial clocks were produced from 1770 to 1810 in date.


Cheshire Tel: 01565722197 

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